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18th April 2004

Current Mood: amused

7th April 2004

gabriellemyluv3:16pm: hey mongolians...its the white girl here and i have a brief question....

My boyfriend (aram....who i find dead sexy) wants to know if he is a mongolian too....

please....let me know A.S.A.P (as soon as possible) lol

5th April 2004

prefadertoro11:30pm: I say farewell to the mongolian world!... My mongolianess has run out and I am just plain me, once more.

2nd April 2004

btrflyska9:24am: hey mongloids.....how is everyone..well...monday is.....one of our mongolians bday!!! yey!!!!!!!!!!! adolfo the mongolian will be 19..hooray...well....update on plans for monday..

lets all do something b4 wed..cause im off to vegas....

19th March 2004

pinkertnmermaid9:16am: im waving to all the cute lil mongols out there
hello mongolians where is all the mongolian love??? isnt the new jay z song catchy???

"doo doo dooo doooo gotta get that dirt off your shoulder!!"

laa laaaa laaa

*skips away*

we need a monogolian get together at mongolian festival in mission valley, now whose down???
Current Mood: hyper

19th February 2004

btrflyska5:50pm: is every mongolian that mongolian  that they can not post about their mongolianess? heh.

15th February 2004

btrflyska11:08pm: How was everyones mongolian valentines day??????????
any mongolian moments during the date???

my mongolian valentines day was fun:)
Current Mood: nerdy

13th February 2004

prefadertoro7:37pm: The truth
There were a few things that have yet to be said, infact these are the things which make you mongolian.
1. You say the wrong thing at the wrong time. (otherwise you wouldnt be a mongolian)

2. You need to have your very own mongolian "cheerleader". (you'll notice them because they rock the invisible pom-poms)

3. You cause drama just so you can make up for it by being sweet. (It's an ancient Mongolian secret)

4. You strive for "Jedi" status but never seem to reach it. (Jedi? WTF? you are mongolian MOFO!)

5. You always seem to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. (We have trouble learning)

6. You always seem to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. (We have a real hard time learning)

7. You still say the wrong thing at the wrong time. (WTF is wrong with us? we must be mental)

8. Face the fact you will never be hip enough to shut up when needed. (It's how we are man)

9. You are EMO!!!! (except for "Michael", hes not gay like that)

10. No matter what... you will always love that girl who you hold dear to your heart.

This is the truth, EAT IT, LIVE IT, BREATHE IT!
Current Mood: nerdy
pinkertnmermaid11:30am: this is a journal that is dedicated to the boys we love....
-we love them and there mongol goodness
-they take us to starbucks and talk loud and sing along to old weezer and thrice
-they meet us at school outside our class
-THEY ARE MASTERS OF SURPRISES! especially that confuscious mongolian!!
-they say cute things at the right times...
Current Mood: cold

12th February 2004

btrflyska10:20pm: YESSSSS THE COMMUNITY IS WORKING>>>YEYYYY I MADE IT!! well tonight we hung out with the best group of mongolians! ....Michael- the confucious ..fran, adolfo, eme, andrea and meeee:) yey. haha nothing better than a group of Mongolians at hillcrest;) greatness.
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